Monday, August 24, 2009


Even though he is not a political figure, the fashionable Tommy Haas was recently in town for the Legg Mason Tennis Tournament. Although Tommy lost in the quarter finals, he is still a winner in our court. Jennifer Gogarty was kind enough to send us this picture. If you have any recent pictures of yourself with political figures, athletes or celebrities, please send them our way.


New York men are known for their fashion and these New Yorkers did not disappoint. Senator Charlie Rangel, representing the 15th Congressional District of New York, had on a classic navy blue suit, a Winchester blue and white pinstripe shirt, a coordinating blue and white tie and matching pocket square. Congressman Maurice Hinchey, representing the 22nd Congressional District of New York, was wearing a light-grey Hart Schaffner Marx suit (the same designer as the President likes to wear), a light blue shirt and a paisley tie.


We did a double-take when we saw not just one, but two men wearing blue and white seersucker suits at our last event. Morris J. Amitay, founder and treasurer of the Washington Political Action Committee, was rocking a Joseph A. Bank seersucker suit, light blue shirt and navy tie. James B. Smith Jr., of the American Continental Group, was wearing a Haspel seersucker suit, a light blue tie and white Bucks. Wow, I wonder if Joseph Haspel, who designed the light weight suit in a striped, rumpled cotton in the early 1900s, would believe that his seersucker creation is still in style today!

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