Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Congresswoman Donna Edwards, representing the 4th Congressional District of Maryland, took a cue from Michelle Obama in her sleeveless, patterned, tie top at the Mr. Jones Goes to Washington Birthday Party for Van Jones. She was looking very chic and stylish from head to toe. Definitely a refreshing change from the traditional Washington business attire!


Spotted…Fashion Fights Poverty’s Special Assistant to the Press, Anna Gullickson, pulled off a ladylike sophistication in her BCBG dress. Her classic pearls and “Blair style” hair would make any New York Upper East Sider proud. All she needs to complete the outfit is Chuck by her side.


Andrea Rogers, aka Miss A, was looking exceptionally elegant in her Black Halo dress from Terra at the Capital City Ball Kick off Party to benefit Innocents at Risk at The Georgetown Club. To add to her glamour, her chunky retro Janis Savitt crystal necklace and engraved Innocents at Risk, layered bangles completed the look. Her “wow” factor is undeniable!

Monday, September 14, 2009


The recently converted Democrat from Pennsylvania, Senator Arlen Specter, was seen at Johnny's Half Shell mingling with his new contemporaries. He was sporting a classic brown suit, white shirt and red tie. Even though he has changed parties, his conservative look still remains the same.


The preppsters were out in style last Thursday night! Brandt Squires, of Living Social, was attending a fundraiser at George, the newest social club in Georgetown. He was there supporting Luke's Wings, a charity that provides travel planning services for the families of wounded service members, Brandt was wearing plaid pants from Relish, a light-blue Abercrombie button down and a Vineyard Vines belt. Next door at Cafe Milano, Jamie Stallman, a radiologist, accompanied by Stephane Carnot, was dressed in plaid pants, a navy polo and a Vineyard Vines belt. Plaid pants are a bold statement but luckily they both pulled them off. Congrats!


Who says looking good has to cost a lot? Sarah Wingfield, the co-founder of Luke's Wings, was looking fabulous wearing a dress she purchased at Downtown Cowgirl in Rehoboth Beach for $85. Sarah Romero, who also knows how to find a great deal, was looking trendy in her Glam top for $64 and Madden Girl peep-toe heels for $59, all from South Moon Under. These girls know how to shop!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Senator George Allen, Bill Dean and Attorney General and the Republican candidate for the Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell were looking fabulous in the Great Room at the Dodge Mansion. Bill Dean really stood out in his Zegna windowpane jacket and shirt. Looking good guys!

We are all into covering up but this lady has taken it to the extreme. On a hot summer day, she is wearing a long-sleeve, oversized, quilted, burgundy top over a dowdy black skirt. The length of the skirt and the long top is not figure flattering. This is a definite DON'T!

Pantyhose in the summertime is never a good idea. In particular, white pantyhose with open toed shoes is an especially bad idea. Rule #1- Pantyhose should NOT be worn with open toed shoes. Rule #2- Black pantyhose with a white polka dotted skirt and tan pumps is a definite no no. Someone call the fashion police! There are two arrests that need to be made!

Floral patterns were all the rage this summer however, this gigantic sunflower patterned dress is definitely NOT what the fashion designers had in mind. Unfortunately, the pattern on the dress is not its only problem. This silhouette wouldn't flatter anyone's figure. To top it off, she is wearing pantyhose with open toed shoes. Do we need to say more?

Men, this is a major fashion blunder. If you're not going on a hike, hiking boots never go with noticeable socks and shorts. If you have outgrown your shirt, there are several charitable organizations that will take it off of your hands. Tucking it in does not disguise the fact that it is still too small.

Spotted! A real life Stewart at Cafe Milano! Michael J. Stewart, Esq. Now that's a fashion statement?