Monday, June 29, 2009

When we first thought of the idea for this blog, a common response was, "there is no fashion in politics." However, we beg to differ. Just take a look at Michelle Obama who has proven them all wrong. Even before Barack Obama was elected president, every newspaper and magazine was consumed with what Michelle was wearing. Since Barack Obama was elected president, Michelle Obama has not put on a pair of socks without someone covering what brand they are. Now, it's time for the rest of the politicians to follow her lead. Gentlemen, tuck in your shirts and straighten your ties. Ladies, it's time to update your St. John's or try something a little more chic.

So, follow our blog. We will not only be providing commentary on what our politicians are wearing, we will be offering expert advice. While we know a new suit will not alter the current economic state of our country, it can reflect the current changes in Washington that mark a new era in politics. It is a proven fact that the better one looks, the more confidence he/she bestows. If there is one thing our country needs right now, it is confidence in our leadership. So, we will take this opportunity to encourage our politicians to dress the part and throw some color on to bring life to these dark times. We know good fashion can be affordable.

So, to all you politicians or politician "hopefuls," fashion help is only a phone call or email away. We are here to put you on the right fashion path to lead- whichever direction your political future may take you- always looking your best.

How hot is he!! The always handsome and well-dressed Mark Kennedy Shriver dining at Cafe du Parc, at the Willard Hotel.

With the start of Summer, in comes the interns with the sleekest, chicest summer accessories. Sara Gould and Stephanie Rice, both interning with the Treasury Department, are sporting cool shades, the trendy long gold chain necklace, the always-in scarf and a colorful orange handbag.

Yelberton Watkins, Chief of Staff for Congressman James Clyburn, looking fabulous in a Paul Smith windowpane jacket and Thomas Pink lavender shirt and purple patterned tie. Morgan James, of the Lobbyist group mCapitol Management, dressed to impress in his custom-made suit and Hugo Boss light blue shirt and striped tie. Way to go boys!

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